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About Robert Werner

Native to Pennsylvania, Bob has had a lifetime interest in wood working.  At an early age Bob would watch his elderly neighbor make wooden eagles using a spindle carver in his garage.

When the economy made continuing in construction work difficult, Bob began pursuing his own wood carving interest by teaching himself intarsia; which he has been doing for more than 25 years now with Becky, his partner.

Each piece you see in the catalog has been individually hand cut, shaped, and stained.  They are then glued onto a plywood back and a hanger is installed.

Some are commercially created patterns, others are Bob's own creations.  

Because of the individuality of this work customers need to expect a two to four week wait for their artwork.

We do make custom pieces when possible. The pieces themselves are as varied in interests and tastes as the people who purchase them. Bob has decorated many homes, and businesses in the area.

Many of you have asked about a "Store", we are not set up that way; but it may happen in the future. We do craft shows in the area and some as far as the New York border.  

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